Jan. 25, 2020

(Bonus) The Curious Case of Casper (with Dan Frommer)

One of my favorite newsletters—I’ve really gotta give you all a list of all the newsletters I subscribe to if you’re interested at some point—one of my favorite newsletters is The New Consumer (subscribe here) by Dan Frommer. Dan published his own analysis of the Casper IPO, and I couldn’t help myself. I needed to delve into the Casper financials in greater detail. But also: scandal marketing! Can brands be “cancelled”? And analysis of this week’s Netflix earnings.


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Dan FrommerProfile Photo

Dan Frommer


Dan Frommer is the founder and editor of The New Consumer, a new publication covering the intersection of technology and consumer brands. Before starting The New Consumer, Dan was the Editor in Chief at Recode, Vox Media’s tech and business news publication. Earlier in Dan's career, Dan helped create Business Insider as its second employee. Dan has also been the technology editor at Quartz and a reporter at Forbes. Originally from Chicago, and now based in Los Angeles, Dan graduated from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.