Oct. 17, 2020

(Bonus) What Is DeFi? With CoinDesk's Brady Dale

I don’t think I’ve made any bones about the fact that I blow hot and cold on crypto. Sometimes I grow frustrated that it always seems to be a lot of sound and fury, ultimately signifying nothing. Or at least, not amounting to much that touches normal people’s lives. I dunno if that’s a fair way to look at crypto or not. But at the same time, there is no single corner of tech that has more activity, that has more passion and energy and, just pure, crazy creativity. Lots of people in crypto have adopted my book about the first half of the Internet Era because they hope it’s a guide for how, just when everyone has written off a movement, that’s when it finally breaks through. And I’ll admit, that’s why I keep my eye on a space. That’s why the activity around DeFi has caught my eye. By some measurements, this is crypto actually being USED, in a tangible real world way, and in volumes of activity we’ve never seen before. Is DeFi actually fulfilling the original economic promise of crypto? What, the heck, is DeFi? What is it doing? It’s hard for a knucklehead like me to get my mind around. So, I sent out the bat signal to Brady Dale of CoinDesk to tell me, what the heck is going on with DeFi?

Brady's rough history of the DeFi movement

Brady's explanation of Yield Farming

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Brady Dale


Brady Dale is a senior reporter at CoinDesk. He has worked for the site since October 2017 and lives in Brooklyn.