Regulation Episodes

Legal and regulatory news and rumors for tech companies.
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Fri. 03/11 – Russia Bans Instagram And Designates Meta As An “Extremist Organization”

March 11, 2022

Russia moves to ban Instagram and designate Meta as an “extremist organization.” The EU and UK open an antitrust probe into Google and Meta about ads collusion. Stripe now supports crypto. And, of course, the weekend longrea…

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Wed. 03/09 – The Regulatory Era For Crypto Starts Today

March 9, 2022

That telegraphed Executive Order for Crypto is being signed, probably as we speak. Is Congress pressing criminal charges against Amazon? LimeWire is back, but for the NFT era. And a deep dive look at that mind boggling new M…

Crypto NFTs Amazon Gaming Regulation

Thu. 03/03 – Epic Buys Bandcamp; Amazon Retrenches From Physical Retail

March 3, 2022

The story of the young Ukrainian Minister who has bent the conscience of western tech companies, and coordinated the reachout to crypto. Is regulation coming for NFTs? Epic Games acquired Bandcamp. Amazon pulls back from its…

Apple Meta Metaverse Regulation

Wed. 03/02 – Will Poker Be The Killer App For The Metaverse?

March 2, 2022

As of right now, you can no longer buy an iPhone in Russia. Big recall from Fitbit because their smartwatches might burn you. Meta tries to be transparent in a very Meta way, by redacting a key detail from a transparency rep…


Fri. 02/25 – The Ukraine Fallout Continues For Tech

Feb. 25, 2022

Ukraine is seeking to raise its own hacker army. New export controls affect tech products. Why mobile subscriptions being a growth industry is more bad news for the App Store status quo. And, of course, the weekend longreads…

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Mon. 02/21 – When The Contract Allows Your NFTs To Be Stolen

Feb. 21, 2022

OpenSea says 32 users had NFTs stolen when they were scammed into signing malicious smart contracts. Mark Gurman tells us every Mac he expects to be released this year. Is a new crackdown coming for Chinese tech? And Ford is…

Crypto Meta Microsoft Regulation

Fri. 02/18 – Microsoft Account Now Required

Feb. 18, 2022

Windows 11 now requires a Microsoft account just to load. Intel’s roadmap comes into view. Is Meta’s metaverse play already getting traction? Next week might be the biggest regulatory week for Crypto ever. And, of course, th…


Wed. 01/19 – The 5G Flight Issue Comes To A Head

Jan. 19, 2022

Today is the big day for the showdown between 5G and the airlines. Nobody’s blinked yet, but both sides have sort of blinked. An interesting raise in the NFT space. And I’ve heard of autonomous road cars, but autonomous rail…

Security Regulation

Fri. 01/14 – Russia Cracks Down On REvil?

Jan. 14, 2022

Russia has cracked down on REvil? Question-mark? Investing in crypto is so hot, FTX has launched its own monster venture fund. Why has the Android 12 rollout been such a disaster so far? How long is the Cybertruck going to b…

Space Regulation

Tue. 12/28 – China Is Mad At Elon’s Satellites

Dec. 28, 2021

China is pissed at Elon Musk cause of his Starlink satellites. Xiaomi’s new smartphones. The delivery robots taking over college campuses. The three fund companies that made fully 12% of all venture investments this year. An…


Mon. 12/20 – 5G To Ground Airlines?

Dec. 20, 2021

Could a new 5G system lead the FCC to ground flights around some major metropolitan areas? Chipmakers are busting a gut to try to build out capacity. To what degree is Siri holding back Apple? A longtime Metaverse startup yo…


Thu. 10/14 – LinkedIn Shuts Down In China

Oct. 14, 2021

Microsoft is shutting down LinkedIn in China. The first major tech regulation bill of this wave is set to debut in the Senate today. TCL’s cheap smartphones sound pretty good, actually. The gaming industry is serious about c…


Thu. 09/23 – USB-C For Everybody! (Maybe By Law…)

Sept. 23, 2021

We all sort of want the gadget world to move to USB-C, right? But do we want that to be government mandated? Very interesting executive departure from Facebook. Apple is telling leakers they don’t belong in Cupertino. Apple …


Mon. 09/13 – Is China Dismantling Its Super Apps?

Sept. 13, 2021

Is China dismantling its super apps and selling the parts for scrap? Toast has officially become my favorite Covid-times survival story. What to expect from tomorrow’s iPhone event, including 1 TB iPhone storage tiers. And a…

Meta Regulation

Thu. 08/19 – FTC Files Its Facebook Mulligan

Aug. 19, 2021

Headlines out of time: Amazon wants to do department stores. Google partners with GE Appliances. But Intel continues to look to the future with its new hybrid architecture chips. Facebook wants your next conference call to t…