Space Episodes

News and rumors about the new space race in tech, featuring companies including SpaceX and Starlink.
Space Regulation

Tue. 12/28 – China Is Mad At Elon’s Satellites

Dec. 28, 2021

China is pissed at Elon Musk cause of his Starlink satellites. Xiaomi’s new smartphones. The delivery robots taking over college campuses. The three fund companies that made fully 12% of all venture investments this year. An…


(Bonus) Harvard's Top Astronomer Avi Loeb On Oumuamua

Jan. 23, 2021

In 2017, scientists sighted the first interstellar object, the first thing we definitively know came from outside our solar system… something that was not bound to the gravity pull of our sun. But that was just the beginning…

Guest: Avi Loeb

Mon. 04/27 – It’s Always A Good Day When Your Starship Doesn’t Explode

April 27, 2020

iPhone production might be delayed, but the launch might not be, and actually, that might bounce in Apple’s favor. Autocomplete for coding. A little more background on John Stankey. Progress on my robot burrito delivery. And…

Apple Space

Fri. 12/20 - Now Apple Joins The Space Race?

Dec. 20, 2019

Does Apple have a secret team to do an end run around telecom carriers, Google buys a game studio, IAC buys, Ripple is an interesting raise, and of course, the weekend longreads suggestions. Sponsors:Tiny CapitalGe…


(Bonus) The Moon Landing With Charles Fishman

July 20, 2019

So, today, July 20th 2019 is the 50th anniversary of human beings walking on the moon for the first time. As Glenn mentioned on Friday’s weekend longreads segment, Fast Company has been doing a 50 days to the moon thing. 50 …


Mon. 06/24 - Why Tonight's SpaceX Launch Is So Important

June 24, 2019

The Raspberry Pi 4 might finally be a full PC replacement, the first real bipartisan bill around data collection has arrived, is the Echo Show 5 the best Echo ever or just the best smart alarm clock ever, and why tonight’s F…


Internet From Space with WSJ's Chris Mims

April 14, 2019

You might have noticed that I’ve gone down a bit of a wormhole lately when it comes to space tech, and actually, to understand why, listen to the very first minute of this conversation, because we actually work out why space…

Amazon Space

Thu. 04/04 - Amazon Joins The Internet Space Race

April 4, 2019

Facebook. Data. Exposure. Another one. Could Intel issues delay a 5G iPhone? Apple cuts the price of the HomePod, Amazon is going to launch Internet satellites, and the trouble with AI ethics boards. Sponsors:…


Space Tech With Bill Gattle of Harris Corp.

March 31, 2019

Today... another dipping of our collective toes into an adjacent tech space that we cover now and then, but don't know all that much about. Another episode where I learn more and hopefully you learn more. Speaking of spaces.…

Guest: Bill Gattle