Thu. 07/01 – Instagram Is “No Longer A Photo-Sharing App”

July 1, 2021

Instagram and TikTok are on a collision course. Instagram wants to be more like TikTok, while TikTok hopes to move the goalposts first. Amazon wants Lina Khan to recuse herself. Big tech is not only taking over advertising, …


Wed. 06/30 – Facebook’s Substack Clone

June 30, 2021

Facebook launches its Substack clone. Emphasis on clone. Shopify joins the platform tax wars by going to zero. A truce between Microsoft and Google has just lapsed. A big raise in the drone space. And would you pay to get ac…


Tue. 06/29 – Facebook Beats The Rap

June 29, 2021

A judge has completely thrown out the FTC’s antitrust lawsuit against Facebook and sent them back to the drawing board. Microsoft and OpenAI and Github have a tool that will suggest code to you as you code. And Sam Altman, a…


Mon. 06/28 – Binance Runs Into Trouble Around The Globe

June 28, 2021

The UK orders a halt to regulated activities by Binance, joining everybody, all the sudden. Qualcomm unveils the Snapdragon 888 Plus. Lenovo unveils an Android tablet that works as a portable monitor. And meet the activists …

Venture Capital

(SPC CST) a16z's Future Plans And Audio Spaces With @smc90 and @kyurieff

June 26, 2021

We have two special guests this week! The first is Sonal Chokshi, Editor in Chief of a16z and showrunner of a16z podcasts. We’ll be getting her perspective on the launch of FUTURE, which we discussed last week. ​Second, a…

Fri. 06/25 – Some Western Digital NAS Devices Are Getting Ill (matic?)

June 25, 2021

Some Western Digital NAS devices are getting ill (matic). A breakdown of the 5 or 6 big tech antitrust bills that just passed House committees. Windows 11 is free, but what if your device can’t run it? Also, more on Microsof…


Thu. 06/24 – New Windows!

June 24, 2021

The new Windows is Windows 11. Google delays the Adpodcalypse. BuzzFeed finally to go public. Comcast is having issues with Peacock. Google and Jio’s cheap smartphone is announced. Is the biggest ever crypto crime story evol…


Wed. 06/23 – Microsoft Joins The $2T Club

June 23, 2021

Ticketed Space and Super Follows begin to roll out, and depending on how you slice it, folks stand to make a ton of money… or a ton of money for the app stores. Speaking of, Apple launches a PR campaign defending the App Sto…


Tue. 06/22 – More EU Trouble For Google

June 22, 2021

Another antitrust investigation formally opened against Google in Europe. Facebook’s Oculus ad partner thinks better of the experiment. Stephen Spielberg decides that Netflix’s money is as green as anybody’s. Ransomware gang…


Mon. 06/21 – Can Facebook Win Audio?

June 21, 2021

Facebook’s Clubhouse clone rolls out. Here’s how it works. China really does seem to be cracking down on Bitcoin mining. Here’s why that could be important. Some power companies in Texas are remotely adjusting the smart ther…


Fri. 06/18 – Cell Networks Security Deliberately Nerfed?

June 18, 2021

Were some of the base encryption algorithms on cell networks deliberately nerfed? The first ever mass arrest of a ransomware gang? Proof that Google is working on a FindMy network rival? And, of course, the weekend longreads…

Meta Metaverse

Thu. 06/17 – How About Some Ads On Your Oculus?

June 17, 2021

Facebook is bringing ads to Virtual Reality cause, why not, right? Stories are coming to the Xbox. Why is Google downsizing it’s healthcare team? Why are music artists flooding to Twitch? And is Facebook cornering the VR mar…


Wed. 06/16 – A Nightmare FTC Chair For Big Tech?

June 16, 2021

Lina Khan has not only been confirmed as FTC commissioner, she’s also been named FTC chair. Waymo raises a big new round, which is soops interesting. Spotify joins the audio rooms sweepstakes. A Windows 11 build leaks. And f…


Tue. 06/15 – Automattic Acquires Day One

June 15, 2021

Automattic acquires the popular iOS and iPad OS journaling app, Day One. Everybody wants a piece of Stripe. Stripe wants to be the “Stripe for Identity” all by itself. With HBO vanquished, now Netflix wants to become Disney …


Mon. 06/14 – An “Extreme” Apple Watch?

June 14, 2021

Could we get an extreme sports Apple Watch soon? Google makes Workspace and Chat available to all. Bitcoin’s first major overhaul in four years is a go. TikTok has quickly become an advertising Monster. And I try to explain …


Fri. 06/11 – Now The Hackers Have Come For Our Hamburgers

June 11, 2021

Moar… hacking news. McDonalds. Electronic Arts. Le sigh. Apple wants to do away with passwords too. Elon Musk unveils the Model S Plaid. An interesting Apple Car hire. And of course, the weekend longreads suggestions.


Thu. 06/10 – Another Payoff To Ransomware Hackers

June 10, 2021

Another payoff to Ransomware hackers. Facebook to launch a smartwatch? Microsoft to launch a dedicated game streaming device? Samsung unveils a tiny, tiny camera sensor. Stripe wants to handle your sales tax headache. And ca…


Wed. 06/09 – The First Country To Adopt Bitcoin As Legal Tender

June 9, 2021

El Salvador becomes the first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. Biden reverses the TikTok and WeChat bans. Did one single customer cause that Fastly internet outage? Interesting raise for a faster Ethereum. Interesti…

Tue. 06/08 – Fastly Takes Down The Internet

June 8, 2021

Fastly takes down the internet, highlighting how the internet is still really centralized. The US seized most of the bitcoins those hackers got from the Colonial Pipeline hack, highlighting how Bitcoin is actually eminently …


Mon. 06/07 - WWDC 2021

June 7, 2021

All the headlines from WWDC 2021. Bezos in space! France brings the first hammer down on this round of anti-competitive action, this time against Google. And Jane Manchun Wong has the details on the upcoming Twitter Super Fo…

(Bonus) SpaceCasts Sampler!

June 5, 2021

A sampler of four different spaces from our new feed SpaceCasts! Search your podcast app for SpaceCasts and subscribe!


Fri. 06/04 – iPad Pro Rumors And WWDC Pre-Hype

June 4, 2021

Is MagSafe charging coming to iPads? Is the Biden administration actually cracking down harder on China than the Trump administration did? Is the recent slate of ransomware attacks the new normal or the sign of something big…


Thu. 06/03 – Twitter Launches Twitter Blue!

June 3, 2021

Twitter takes the wrapping off its subscription product, Twitter Blue. Multi-device support hints at a future WhatsApp app for iPads. Stack Overflow is the latest part of the developer ecosystem to sell for big bucks. And ta…


Wed. 06/02 – Facebook’s F8 Refresh

June 2, 2021

All the headlines from Facebook’s F8 Refresh. Etsy buys a used clothes marketplace. Another ransomware attack shutting down a major player in a vital industry, this time, literally in the meat-space. And you can start tradin…