(Portfolio Profile) Juna

June 20, 2022

Juna (heyjuna.com) replaces awkward lab visits with at-home STI testing and treatment. Another proud investment of the RideHomeFund. As ever, get in touch with Brian if you'd like to work with Juna directly.

(TWTR SPC) Stock Options; DALL·E; Internet Explorer

June 18, 2022

Some thoughts on what startup workers can do with their stock options (in this economy!?). DALL·E blows our collective minds. Considering the legacy of Internet Explorer. Thanks to @adam_keesling and @jnack.

Fri. 06/17 – Musk Speaks To The Tweeps!

June 17, 2022

Elon Musk speaks to his soon to be employees for the first time at Twitter. Snap is testing a new subscription Snapchat. Microsoft debuts Defender for Individuals. Klarna is thinking about raising a massively down round. And…

Thu. 06/16 – Serious Cases Of TikTok Envy

June 16, 2022

Google says YouTube Shorts is keeping pace with TikTok. Meta plans to make Facebook more like TikTok in order to keep pace themselves. That new Sonos Voice Control assistant sounds pretty good to me. Why a bunch of folks are…

Wed. 06/15 – Now The Crypto Hedge Funds Might Be Blowing Up

June 15, 2022

Is a major crypto hedge fund about to blow up? How the Celsius network got in such hot water. YouTube lets you make corrections. Why Apple’s deal for Major League Soccer is such a big deal. And pour one out, definitively, fo…

Tue. 06/14 – You Get A Photoshop! You Get A Photoshop! You Get A….

June 14, 2022

Adobe and Photoshop are leaning into freemium. Massive and controversial layoffs at Coinbase. Firefox is blocking stuff by default now. Meta announces more tools to make the Metaverse safe from trolls and worse. And why thos…

Mon. 06/13 – (Another?) Crypto Bank Run

June 13, 2022

All the crypt is down bad. Is DeFi lending platform Celsius to blame? More importantly, are margin calls coming for big Bitcoin bag holders, including Tesla? Jack Dorsey’s plan to leapfrog to Web5. Leaked images of the Galax…

(TWTR SPC) WWDC 2022 Wrap Up

June 11, 2022

WWDC wrap up, @chrismaddern on @floornfts, and Brian talks about his Mac Studio experience.

Fri. 06/10 – The Next Big—And Small—Things From Apple.

June 10, 2022

Time to refresh those Yao Ming and Verne Troyer Powerbook ads from the early ‘aughts. Could Meta not release its big metaverse hardware play for years? The NHTSA’s investigation into Tesla’s Autopilot seems to be getting ser…

Thu. 06/09 – Who Needs A Gaming Console? Not Xbox Or Samsung.

June 9, 2022

Who needs a gaming console? Not Xbox, not anymore. Twitter is gonna give Elon the firehose treatment. Dell unveils some new XPS goodness. Apple does its own banking. More signs of the NFT market cooling off. And a popular de…

Wed. 06/08 – Crypto’s Voldemort Goes Crypto

June 8, 2022

The crypto world’s greatest supervillain looks like he’s joining the crypto bandwagon. Salesforce… (Salesforce?!) has jumped on the NFT bandwagon. Could Netflix buy Roku? How many layoffs has Silicon Valley seen thusfar? And…

Tue. 06/07 – TikTok Avatars

June 7, 2022

TikTok now has avatars, to keep up with Bitmoji and Memoji. The SEC seems to be seriously probing Binance. The death of the lighting port really might be nigh. Bits and pieces that fell through the cracks from WWDC. And pote…

Mon. 06/06 – WWDC 2022

June 6, 2022

All the headlines from WWDC. All the new OS’s and a new MacBook Air with a new M2 chip, but I’ll save you the speculation. Nothing on the AR/VR front. More Bored Apes stolen. More posturing from Elon Musk that he might walk …

Fri. 06/03 – Time To Get Your Driverless Ride On?

June 3, 2022

It’s increasingly looking like we might be approaching a tipping point in terms of driverless ride hailing becoming a reality. Twitter will let you set alerts for your name, among other things. Did Elon Musk order everyone b…

Thu. 06/02 – Something Something, A Joke About Leaning Out?

June 2, 2022

Sheryl Sandberg is leaving Meta after 14 years. Who is Javier Olivan, who is replacing her as Meta’s COO? I’ll let you know. Why the feds cracking down on NFT fraud could have big implications. And Google’s doing that thing …

Wed. 06/01 – Surface Laptop Go Update

June 1, 2022

The Surface Laptop Go gets a refresh. The Supreme Court has blocked that Texas social media law. For now. Twitter is really gonna take TweetDeck away from us? Really? And the really interesting new Android phone that attempt…

Tue. 05/31 – The New Fastest Computer In The World

May 31, 2022

The new fastest computer in the world sees the crown return to the US. Will we not see Sony’s next-gen VR rig until next year? Ride hailing fares are reaching record highs as the players attempt to pivot to profitability. A …

(Portfolio Profile) Check-in With Rownd (How To Raise A Round Right Now)

May 30, 2022

A checkin with Rownd about what it's like to close a round right now, and what actually being on stage at YC Demo Day is like.

Fri. 05/27 – An Xbox Gaming Dongle

May 27, 2022

Microsoft is creating an HDMI dongle to turn any tv or monitor into an Xbox gaming console. Now the lawsuits are popping off in the whole Elon/Twitter thing. If even high profile startups like Substack are having trouble rai…

Thu. 05/26 – Apple Raises Wages

May 26, 2022

Apple is attempting to fend off a unionization movement by… paying people more. That Broadcom/VMware deal is real. You can now pay close to $1000 for an Gucci Aura Ring. After a decade of declines, EV battery prices are goin…

Wed. 05/25 – Seth Green Wants His Apes Back

May 25, 2022

Seth Green has lost a film role… for his Ape. Cause he lost his Ape to a fishing scam. a16z launches their biggest ever crypto fund. Headlines from Microsoft’s Build conference. The e-bike that helps Ukraine take out Russian…

Tue. 05/24 – Does Apple REALLY Want You To Repair Your Own iPhone?

May 24, 2022

Google Research says to Open AI: “Hold my beer.” They’ve announced a new AI-based text-to-image generator to rival DALL-E 2. Is the shocking earnings warning from Snap a result of Apple’s ATT changes or is this indicative of…

Mon. 05/23 – Big Tech Consolidation Coming?

May 23, 2022

Is a big mergers and acquisition wave about to hit the tech industry. I make the case from several different angles. AMD releases its next generation Ryzen chips. And a super interesting new startup in the Web 3 space. Is it…

(TWTR SPC) - a16z's Chris Dixon (@cdixon) On The State Of Crypto And Web3

May 21, 2022

Friend of the show, Chris Dixon (@cdixon) of a16z's crypto and web3 investing initiatives comes on to talk about the recent report: 2022 State of Crypto. We got into all the things, using our favorite lens of tech history.