Mon. 08/01 – Silicon Valley’s Great Scooter Ride Is Over

Aug. 1, 2022

Apple opens up Apple Pay a tiny bit. But again, from pressure from the Europeans. Meta is accused of abetting sectarian violence in another developing nation. A deep dive into the seeming demise of the entire e-scooter indus…

(Portfolio Profile) Cognitive Talent Solutions

July 31, 2022

Check out Cognitive Talent Solutions here, or get in touch with me to put you in touch with them. And if you'd like to invest in CTS, subscribe and invest to the Ride Home Fund by August 30th here.

(TWTR SPC) Mathew Ball On The Metaverse And Jason Del Rey On Amazon After Bezos

July 30, 2022

Matthew Ball comes on to talk about his new book: The Metaverse: And How it Will Revolutionize Everything. Then, Jason Del Rey @DelRey talks to us about how Amazon has been faring in the post-Jeff Bezos era.

Fri. 07/29 – Instagram Listens To The Kardashians

July 29, 2022

Even a weak earnings report from Apple can still break records. Instagram’s been in a stare down with the Kardashians, and Adam Mosseri just blinked. Congress just passed a ton of money to jump start domestic chip production…

Thu. 07/28 – Meta Goes Backwards For The First Time Ever

July 28, 2022

Meta has reported its first-ever YoY quarterly revenue decline. The FTC has moved to block a Meta acquisition, the first big regulatory move of the Lina Khan era. Google delays it’s cookie cleanup. Again. You’re not seeing t…

Wed. 07/27 – Inflation Hits The Metaverse

July 27, 2022

I’ll wrap up the earnings from Microsoft, Alphabet, Spotify and Shopify. Proof that the cost of a data breach for companies is skyrocketing. What ever happened to the legislative crackdown on Big Tech? Inflation comes to the…

Tue. 07/26 – Why Big Tech Hates The Leap Second

July 26, 2022

Is the SEC about to crack down on Coinbase? Why is Kylie Jenner mad at Instagram? Why are all the big tech companies mad at the leap second, of all things? And a deep dive look at what Amazon probably wants to do with its bi…

Mon. 07/25 – NFL+

July 25, 2022

NFL+ arrives, and at the end of the show, we’ll take a deep dive into sports rights as the great free radical in the streaming wars and the evolution in sports in general. In between that, people accuse Sam Bankman-Fried of …

(TWTR SPC) - Fake Review Economies And How Social Networks Win

July 23, 2022

Saoud Kalifah of FakeSpot.com joins us to discuss what I guess we could call, the fake review economy. Chris made a compelling case for the new Browser Company browser Arc. I try to find my way to a Brian’s Unified Theory of…

Fri. 07/22 – Not Great, Bob! Snap And Twitter Edition

July 22, 2022

Well, things weren’t so rosy with Twitter earnings, and downright abysmal over at Snap. The Feds bring the first ever case for insider trading in the crypto space. Your next smart lock might draw its power from your phone as…

Thu. 07/21 – Did Tesla Trigger The Crypto Crash?

July 21, 2022

Amazon is acquiring actual doctors offices. Facebook splits the newsfeed to make it more TikTok-y. Minecraft foreswears NFTs. The big tech platforms are pausing hiring now too. Did Tesla cause the crypto crash? And DALL-E 2 …

Wed. 07/20 – Netflix Earnings Not SO Bad

July 20, 2022

Netflix reported earnings that weren’t as bad as even they had been telegraphing. So that’s something. The court case is already going against how Elon Musk hoped it would go. What’s up with everyone leaving Neuralink? And a…

Tue. 07/19 – Amazon Sues Facebook (Group Admins)

July 19, 2022

Amazon is stepping up its war against bogus product reviews. Netflix is testing more crackdowns on password sharing. Slack is raising prices. ESPN+ is raising prices. But one streaming service is actually LOWERING prices? An…

Mon. 07/18 – It’s Vibe Shifts All The Way Down

July 18, 2022

Everything we cover is in a full vibe shift of… pulling back. Coinbase sent some eyebrows up over the weekend, but insolvency is off the table. Right? Right? Adam Newmann’s crypto startup is hitting the pause button. All the…

(Portfolio Profile) ArcX

July 16, 2022

Ride Home Fund's latest investment: the smart ring/device controller ArcX! More at https://arcx.fit/ Invest in ArcX via the Ride Home Fund here.

Fri. 07/15 – The “Vibe Shift” At Amazon

July 15, 2022

Now the haircuts have come for Stripe, but they took theirs voluntarily. Who’s responsible for the big hole on Celsius’ balance sheet? Twitter wants to let devs make their own timelines. Will Amazon voluntarily exit the whit…

Thu. 07/14 – Is TikTok A Threat To Google Search?

July 14, 2022

Celsius files for bankruptcy. Tesla loses a key Autopilot exec. Netflix chooses Microsoft for it’s ads partnership. Could TikTok be a long-term problem for Google Search? And the reviews are in for the new Macbook Airs with …

Wed. 07/13 – Twitter Takes The Gloves Off

July 13, 2022

Twitter officially sues Elon Musk and by the sound of things, has decided to go to the mattresses. Has Apple officially cut ties with Jony Ive? Here come the tech mergers and acquisitions. How streaming has officially killed…

Tue. 07/12 – What If (And Hear Me Out) We Actually Owned The Things We Buy?

July 12, 2022

Liquidators say they can't find the Three Arrows Capital founders. The FTC will crack down on data-anonymization claims. Another smart home company decides to brick some of the hardware that people paid good money for. Hopin…

Mon. 07/11 – What Happens Now With Elon And Twitter.

July 11, 2022

The famous stock market player Bernard Baruch once said, paraphrasing: Whatever men attempt, they seem driven to overdo. When hopes are soaring, I always repeat to myself that two and two still make four. The main purpose of…

Mon. 07/11 – What Happens Now With Elon And Twitter

July 11, 2022

The famous stock market player Bernard Baruch once said, paraphrasing: Whatever men attempt, they seem driven to overdo. When hopes are soaring, I always repeat to myself that two and two still make four. The main purpose of…

(IHP) The eBay Story Part 2

July 8, 2022

Part 2 of the eBay story from the Internet History podcast.

Thu. 07/07 – Apple Lockdown Mode

July 7, 2022

Apple has a new lockdown mode to triage a whole range of cyberattacks. Also, Mark Gurman has some details on that new, expected, “rugged” Apple Watch. Twitter is testing co-tweets. More details on the new version of Meta’s V…

Wed. 07/06 – How To Beat The Quantum Rap

July 6, 2022

Will regulators wreck the great gaming consolidation? Can the US bully it’s way to blocking China’s chip development? Are Dilithium crystals the key to saving crypto from quantum computing? And why the crypto crash has been …