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Interesting raises and deal flow: the companies and spaces getting traction from VC.
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Fri. 04/17 - Y Combinator Gets Picky

April 17, 2020

Microsoft has some AI tech that can catch bugs 99% of the time, Y Combinator is going to be more picky about who it invests in, macOS is getting a smarter battery management system for your laptop, and of course, the weekend…

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(Bonus) A16Z's Angela Strange On Why Every Company Will Be a Fintech Company

Feb. 1, 2020

This is the promised interview with Angela Strange from Andreessen Horowitz. I told you about it on the weekend longreads segment yesterday, so no more need to explain it: let’s talk about why soon, every company could be a …

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Thu. 12/12 - Maybe Just Throw A Dart, Seed Investors…

Dec. 12, 2019

Google releases all the things at once, everyone is mulling over Jack’s decentralized Twitter idea, one last tech IPO of the year, should seed investors just say yes to every deal, why you should know the Canva story, and wh…

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Tue. 11/05 - Is All Well With Softbank?

Nov. 5, 2019

How are things in Masa Son’s world post-WeWork? How long until Uber will be profitable? How is the new Surface Pro X to use? Why is iOS aggressively quitting background apps? And why data scoring companies are maybe worse th…

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(Bonus) Steve Case on Investing Outside of Silicon Valley

Nov. 2, 2019

Steve Case is obviously an internet and technology legend, as the founder of America Online. But as I said when I did a segment about it this week, I’ve always been fascinated with his Rise of the Rest Tour and Fund because,…

Guest: Steve Case
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Mon. 09/30 - Has WeWork Slain The Unicorn Market?

Sept. 30, 2019

IS the new iOS release finally bug free? Add podcasts to your Spotify playlists, WeWork officially “delays” its IPO, which gives us a reason to examine why the Unicorn IPO Parade has mattered, and This Week In Elon Musk is a…

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Tue. 09/24 - Adam Neumann Out of (We)Work

Sept. 24, 2019

Adam Neumann out as WeWork CEO, Facebook acquires CTRL-Labs to deliver computing controlled by your brain, Kik officially shuts down its app, and is Microsoft preparing to let users control and monetize their own data? Spons…

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Wed. 08/21 - The Bull Case For WeWork

Aug. 21, 2019

Next gen chips from Intel, the real HQ2 for Amazon is in India, the controversy around Apple blocking ad tracking on kids apps is a real case for King Solomon, and Ben Thompson makes a compelling bull case for WeWork. Spons…

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WWDC Preview and Consumer Startups With Dan Frommer

June 1, 2019

Y’all know Dan Frommer. Veteran tech journalist. We’re gonna do a WWDC preview here today, but before that, Dan has his own, excellent newsletter, the new consumer! Sign up for it in the show notes! Link to the free and paid…

Guest: Dan Frommer
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The State of Venture and "MegaRounds" with Crunchbase's Jason Rowley - 4/11/19, 4.57 PM

April 13, 2019

While I talk about big round raises and startups and venture all the time, we haven’t really done a deep dive into where venture is at at the moment. So, who better to talk to than Crunchbase, and in this case, Crunchbase’s …

Guest: Jason Rowley
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A16Z's Connie Chan On Outgrowing Advertising As A Business Model

March 3, 2019

So, I hope you read the piece I mentioned in the long reads, Called Outgrowing Advertising, by Andreessen Horowitz's general partner Connie Chan. Link in the show notes. Again, I think this points a way forward for the one t…

Guest: Connie Chan
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(Bonus) Land of the "Super Founders" With Ali Tamaseb @alitamaseb

Jan. 20, 2019

Ali's Medium Post: Land of the Super Founders On this bonus episode, we’re going to revisit a past weekend longread suggestion and talk to the author of that longread to go further in-depth. Do you remember I recommended Lan…

Guest: Ali Tamaseb
Venture Capital

Mon. 10/22 - Fred Wilson Wants You To Vet Your Venture Funders

Oct. 22, 2018

Facebook wants to buy some cybersecurity, Washington wants to know what Silicon Valley will do for its country, Fred Wilson wants you to ask yourself if your investors are bad actors, and stealing a Tesla by hacking the entr…

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Tue. 8/14 - Is Kevin Durant teaming up with Marc Andreessen?

Aug. 14, 2018

NVIDIA announces its next generation GPUs, Apple wants developers to get SaaS-y, what if we just rebuilt the cable bundle with streaming channels, Tinder founders file suit and is Kevin Durant teaming up with Marc Andreessen…