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Sonal Chokshi

Editor in Chief at Andreessen Horowitz

Sonal Chokshi is Editor in Chief at Andreessen Horowitz aka "a16z", which she joined nearly 7 years ago to build the editorial operation — which many people have observed as being a "media outlet that monetizes through VC". For podcasts, this includes building, growing, hosting, and showrunning the popular and influential a16z Podcast, now a network; conceiving of and hosting the shortform news analysis show 16 Minutes; conceiving of and shepherding the launch of Journal Club (now part of Bio Eats World), including training all editors into podcasting; bringing on outside voices and a network of book publishers, publicists, and authors onto the podcast; and much more.

Venture Capital

(SPC CST) a16z's Future Plans And Audio Spaces With @smc90 and @kyurieff

June 26, 2021

We have two special guests this week! The first is Sonal Chokshi, Editor in Chief of a16z and showrunner of a16z podcasts. We’ll be getting her perspective on the launch of FUTURE, which we discussed last week. ​Second, a…